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CLIPC: Constructing Europe's Climate Information Portal

CLIPC provides access to Europe's climate data and information.

New Instruction Videos Available

24 November 2016
New Instruction Videos Available

A series of new instruction videos on how to use the CLIPC portal are now available. They cover the following topics:

  • Map viewer
  • ScenarioScenario
    A plausible description of how the future may develop based on a coherent and internally consistent set of assumptions about key driving forces (e.g., rate of technological change, prices) and relationships. Note that scenarios are neither predictions nor forecasts, but are useful to provide a view of the implications of developments and actions. See also Climate scenario, Emission scenario, Representative Concentration Pathways and SRES scenarios.
  • Compare tool
  • Combine tool
  • Use case: forest purchase
  • Use case: winter tourism
  • Use case: heat vulnerabilityvulnerability
    The propensity or predisposition to be adversely affected. Vulnerability encompasses a variety of concepts including sensitivity or susceptibility to harm and lack of capacity to cope and adapt.
  • Simple indicator processing
  • UncertaintyUncertainty
    Lack of precision or unpredictability of the exact value at a given moment in time. It does not usually imply lack of knowledge. Often, the future state of a process may not be predictable, such as a roll with dice, but the probability of finding it in a certain state may be well known (the probability of rolling a six is 1/6, and flipping tails with a coin is 1/2). In climate science, the dice may be loaded, and we may refer to uncertainties even with perfect knowledge of the odds. Uncertainties can be modelled statistically in terms of pdfs, extreme value theory and stochastic time series models.

The videos can be found on the "Documentation and videos" page in the drop-down menu under "Getting started"