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CLIPC: Constructing Europe's Climate Information Portal

CLIPC provides access to Europe's climate data and information.

D5.1 Climate Dataset Inventory

This document presents a summary of long term climate datasets identified by the CLIPC project as being of potential relevance for the creation of impact indicators and which can feasibly be provided by the project through the harmonised data access system.

CLIPC will provide access to data through several routes. The architecture is designed to avoid unnecessary data movement and duplication of storage costs. Data is distinguished in four major categories:

  1. data which is held by CLIPC partners and will be (re-)published through the harmonised interface, 
  2. data which is available elsewhere through services which are compatible with the harmonised interface will be available in a transparent manner, 
  3. data which will be worked on in CLIPC and published by a CLIPC partner, 
  4. data which will be linked to, but will not be brought into the harmonised portal. 

The data collections mentioned in the description of work are reviewed, and additional details on the plans for their incorporation in CLIPC are provided. Details of the harmonised data services will be in the architecture document, but the guiding principle will be provision of flexible access to the data, including sub-setting, visualization and bulk download. 

Download the document here.