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CLIPC: Constructing Europe's Climate Information Portal

CLIPC provides access to Europe's climate data and information.

D4.1 Toolbox Interface Specification

Goal of the CLIPC toolbox interface specification is to describe a set Toolkit of requirements on the CLIPC indicator toolbox developed in WP8 to be able to ease integration, configuration and updates in the CLIPC portal infrastructure.

As the CLIPC portal infrastructure and the toolbox are developed in parallel, there will be updates to this document. The CLIPC portal infrastructure is described in D3.1 Conceptual design overall portal website with functional specifications. Also the specification documents from WP7 and WP8 have influenced the contents of this document.

To keep maximum flexibility in the CLIPC architecture existing international standards are used. These are the OGCOGC
Open Geospatial Consortium - Visit website
Web Processing Standard 1.0.0 for encapsulating the calculation components, the OGC Web Coverage Standard for preparing input data and the OGC Web Mapping Service 1.3.0 for visualization.

For integration of the toolkit in the CLIPC architecture all of these services are relevant. For the actual components delivered by WP8 for performing calculations only the WPSWPS
OGC Web Processing Service
services are relevant.

The document is intended for the toolbox calculation component developers to provide them the interface constraints. 

Download the document here.