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CLIPC: Constructing Europe's Climate Information Portal

CLIPC provides access to Europe's climate data and information.

D3.1 Conceptual Design of the Portal

This document by work packageclipc concept design portal 3 describes the technical and functional architecture on which the CLIPC portal interface relies, followed by separate chapters for the specifications and design sketches of the user interfaces:

  • CLIPC portal website
  • Content Management System
  • Accessing climateclimate
    Climate in a narrow sense is usually defined as the average weather, or more rigorously, as the statistical description in terms of the mean and variability of relevant quantities over a period of time ranging from months to thousands or millions of years. The classical period for averaging these variables is 30 years, as defined by the World Meteorological Organization. The relevant quantities are most often surface variables such as temperature, precipitation and wind. Climate in a wider sense is the state, including a statistical description, of the climate system.
    data: Climate data discovery and access to CLIPC dataset catalogue
  • Data viewing: Viewing datasets via maps and graphs
  • User authentication: How does CLIPC facilitate a personal experience
  • The binding factor: MyCLIPC data processing and visualisation
  • Guidance and education: Commentary information, technical documentation, glossary

The deliverable also defines who creates which software. The document is written to guide the actual development process with respect to the integration and use of the various CLIPC services from the portal (services developed in the different work packages). In each chapter the functional specification for services have been drafted, plus design examples of the user interface. In year 2 of the project members from WP3, 4 and 5 will in close collaboration work on actual development of the services.

The plans are not rigid because over time ideas might change and new techniques pop up. Therefore, during the development different solutions might be chosen. These changes will be documented in final deliverables. Other work packages are urged to make use of the ideas of this document. Ideas and plans will be discussed with the relevant project members.

Download the document here.