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CLIPC: Constructing Europe's Climate Information Portal

CLIPC provides access to Europe's climate data and information.

Future events of interest to CLIPC partners and interested parties

List of future events of interest to CLIPC partners and interested parties


29 Aug 2016  - Bergen, Norway

The Paris Agreement has created a new momentum that demands climate actions and transformations. This conference seeks to highlight the Nordic dimension.  

Where atmosphere, sea and land meet: bridging between sciences, applications and stakeholders.

20 Sep - 22 Sep 2016, Oxford, United Kingdom

This conference will bring together researchers, policy makers, businesses and members of civil society to understand the impacts of warming of 1.5 °C above pre-industrialpre-industrial
Industrial Revolution
levels and assess the feasibility of meeting the challenges in the Paris Climate Agreement.

09 Oct 2016, Toronto, Canada

Climate Change Adaptation 2016 - 'Challenges & Issues Adaptation' is an interactive platform to connect and reconnect colleagues around the world.

17 Oct - 21 Oct 2016, Lyon, France

FLOODrisk 2016 will explore research advances in flood risk analysis and innovations in flood risk management practice. The conference will consider all aspects of flood risk and will cover the causes of floods, their impacts on people, property and the environment, and portfolios of risk management measuresmeasures
In climate policy, measures are technologies, processes, and practices that contribute to mitigation, for example renewable energy technologies, waste minimization processes and public transport commuting practices.

24 Oct -  28 Oct 2016, Valencia, Spain

This conference will be the stand where several extremely important areas tend to be reviewed. Several of these will be climate change, ecosystems, climate dynamics and climate modeling.


Events in 2017

  • 27 Feb 2017 Fifth International Conference on Climate ServicesClimate Services
    Climate services involve the production, translation, transfer, and use of climate knowledge and information for decision making, policy and planning. The provision of climate information (observational, forecasts or projections) in a way that is relevant to climate-sensitive users, can inform decisions and can reduce the risk of misinterpretation.

The aim of all conferences has been building the bridge between the production and use of climate services, developing the maturity of climate service practices, and fostering a community of climate service actors.

  • 03 Apr - 07 Apr 2017 Climateurope Festival

03 Apr - 07 Apr 2017, Valencia, Spain

The first edition of the Climateurope Festival. It will be an opportunity to meet, share ideas, and experience on the state and the future of climate services, climate Observations and Earth-System Modeling in Europe.

The theme of ECCA 2017 is ‘Our Climate Ready Future’. The vision is that this conference will inspire and enable people to work together to discover and deliver positive climate adaptation solutions that can strengthen society, revitalise local economies and enhance the environment.